Rivers of Life

Back to Basics

This is a 12 week course where you can learn the 12 Basic Doctrines of the Christian Faith.  It really doesn’t matter if you have recently accepted Christ into your life, or you have been a faithful church going member for years.  Sometimes you just have to get back to the basics in order to go forward.


Here, in an informal setting you can ask the questions you have always had but never had a chance to ask. Much will be covered that will help you better understand what you are reading. Not only will your Bible reading skills improve but your prayer life will become more real as you learn how to pray with a fervent and sincere heart.

Over the weeks, you will travel from salvation to heaven, making stops along the way, to better understand repentance, righteousness and baptism, as well as what it means when people talk about the laying on of hands.  Let’s not forget angels and why they are so important in our lives. Then finally, eternal judgment and hell.


All are welcome to come to Bible Basics.  No matter what church you attend, or whether you have given your life to Christ.  It’s informal; open discussion is encouraged, and if you miss a week, just pick it up again the next time round.

Bible Basics is led by the ROL Reverends but YOU make it a learning experience, when you bring your questions and concerns.

Classes are held at 10am in the overflow room.  We'll see you soon.